The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities (KCDD) support people of all ages with developmental disabilities so they have the opportunity to make choices regarding both their participation in society and their quality of life.

The Disability Rights Center of Kansas (DRC), an agency empowered by federal law to advocate for the civil and legal rights of Kansans with disabilities.

The Self Advocate Coalition of Kansas (SACK) promotes the Empowerment and Independence of Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.

Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) is the department that administers the state's home and community based services waiver programs under KanCare and services to older adults; behavioral health, addiction and prevention programs; manages the four state hospitals and institutions; administers the state's Medicaid program; and directs health occupations credentialing.

KanCare Ombudsman Office can help with Kansas Medicaid questions, completing an application or renewal, filing an appeal, and learning about Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)  


KanCare is the program through which the State of Kansas administers Medicaid. For more information on KanCare click here.

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's Syndrome or Pervasive Developmental Disorder click here for more information.

If you are interested in employment click here for information on Vocational Rehabilitation.

Working Healthy offers people with disabilities who are working or interested in working the opportunity to get or keep Medicaid coverage while on the job.

Dual Diagnosis and Training Services (DDT&TS) works with the individual, parents, school and other organizational staff who are providing supports for the person in the community. Anyone may request an outreach behavioral consultation for a consumer/child with whom they work. Services are comprised of an initial on-site assessment to determine the cause(s) of behaviors which are problematic for the individual and those providing supports for the person. The assessment process includes examination of environmental and psychiatric factors. Based upon the assessment results, a behavioral support plan is developed. Click here for brochure.


Self-Determination is the ability to make choices and decisions based on your preferences and interests. For more information on self-determination click here.

There are different Home and Community Base waivers in Kansas.  For more information click here.  

For information on other CDDOs click here.